Wedding Photojournalism In London

I must admit, I've a bit soft spot for a wedding in the city. I like the transport - often a black cab, tube or even Route Master between venues but it's also great to have such recognisable, historical landmarks in the background. Lorenzo and Keeley had a traditional wedding in the heart of London.

I'm on foot all day during my weddings in the city, so I'm forced to travel light - my favourite way to work. Having very little kit to carry around means I blend in to the crowd more. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the guests didn't think Lorenzo and Keeley had hired a wedding photographer - which is something I strive for at each wedding.

This entire day was shot on two small cameras, one with a 24mm and the other with a 50mm - both of these lenses are compact and fast allowing me to shoot unobtrusively with just natural and available light throughout the day.

In addition to this, having just two focal ranges that I'm incredibly familiar with, as apposed to a zoom lens that has many, means that I master those ranges; seeing and making strong images in terms of composition, content and light very naturally, quickly and at ease.

Shooting wide means I'm in close which essentially enables me to see, hear and sense more of what's going on. I'm also not considered suspicious by guests which I've often found when previously using large zooms - it's clear to all around that I'm there to make honest pictures and not 'sniper' mugshots from the other side of the room.

For me, it's important to be part of the wedding and to become familiar with it's characters and it's relationships. Ultimately, this provides couples with a very personal series of images.

A simple work ethic with an emphasis on making strong, documentary wedding photography.