Wedding Season Composure

It's so easy to become completely consumed by the wedding season; each commission passing in a blur as the next advances. In between all this you are editing weddings from the previous month, knowing that your work rate must remain consistent or deadlines will be stretched! My way of dealing with this, oddly enough, is to do more photography. I make sure that I have personal projects to continually revisit, this keeps me fresh, inspired and ultimately avoids any complacency and makes me more focussed on providing couples with my best photography.

I'm off to a building site this afternoon in a village not far from my studio where I've been documenting a German WeberHaus construction. This has been fascinating to photograph; from start to finish in just 12 weeks! The German workmen are unbelievably efficient - you could, without doubt, set your watch by their schedule.

I'm into my third month of revisiting the project; starting from the foundations through to fitting the kitchen today - including a work surface weighing just shy of a tonne! I'm due to complete the body of work shortly and will upload my favourites to the blog when I do.

It's also great to find some feedback waiting in my emails after a busy weekend;

"We fell in love with your style and website and your relaxed yet utterly professional attitude on the pre wedding photo shoot convinced us we had made the perfect choice.

On the wedding day you could not have given off more reassuring vibes and with your unobtrusive nature got some magical pictures of us and our camera shy guests. Looking through the photos you have captured so many fabulous memories, one made all the more special by the fact that you were more like a guest enjoying the day than a bossy photographer.

If you're reading this blog then you have already found your wedding photographer!"

I value feedback highly so thank you very much for the kind words Mark and Katie and I look forward to designing and producing your wedding album shortly.

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