Tipi Wedding | Hannah & Luke

I've absolutely loved getting to know Hannah and Luke over the last few months, what an amazing couple and an incredible tipi wedding! They planned the entire wedding day from their home in Hong Kong... Fortunately, we managed to squeeze in an engagement shoot (aka pre wedding shoot) during one of their few visits to the venue - the beautiful Upwey House on the outskirts of Weymouth.

I approach my engagement shoots, or sessions, in exactly the same way I do bride and groom portraiture on the wedding day - essentially a walk and natter. Shoots may take place anywhere - perhaps a forest with nice light or in this case, nearby fields. The photos are simply a bi-product of this little wander. If it feels right to sit or lean on something, if it's natural, then we might do that too. Nothing over the top, no skipping, piggy-backing or mock proposals, just simple and elegant images.

So, if you're in two minds as to whether to add an engagement shoot to your package, please rest assured I'm not going to ask you to pose awkwardly or play up to the camera. These shoots ultimately allow us to get used to working together, they also help couples overcome any fears they have of being in front of the camera and really benefit the quality of the portraits on the wedding day.

tipi wedding photo

Wow! We thought picking our favourites would be easy - that we’d end up with a handful of showstoppers and a few more for the album... that was until we sat down and marked ALL of our favourites!!! How to pick?! 

Thank you so much for documenting our day so honestly, unobtrusively and with such an incredible eye. The pictures completely reflect the laughter and happiness of the day. Plus, we think every guest is captured naturally somewhere, which is exactly how we wanted our photography to be. 

Thank you again - it was such a pleasure to spend time with you both before and on the day.

A very happy, Hannah and Luke

Wedding at Ufton Court in Berkshire | Vicky & Mark

The photos are absolutely incredible! We cannot thank you enough!

Vicky & Mark

I first met Mark and Vicky during their pre wedding photo shoot in the stunning Savernake Forest on the outskirts of Marlborough, Wiltshire. The shoot went perfectly resulting in some really natural, beautiful photographs. The photo session took place in early Spring when the light in the forest is sensational.

They are such an amicable couple, and I say that will complete sincerity. I was made to feel so welcome on the wedding by all. I remember seeing the faces of family and friends during the wedding and just how fond they are of these two.

What an amazing wedding to be part of and at such a nice venue (where I'm privileged to be a recommended wedding photographer).

Enough waffling, here are my absolute favourites from the pre wedding photo shoot and wedding day.

Wedding at The Landmark Hotel in London | Faye & Matthew

They are gorgeous, just like we knew they would be. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!

Faye & Matthew

pre wedding shoot

I first met Faye and Matthew for their pre wedding photo shoot. I do many of these shoots in the beautiful forests of Savernake on the outskirts of Marlborough in Wiltshire. The light is always incredible in the forest, with superb colours and tones. It’s also an immensely calming environment too - something that really helps couples to relax and for shoots to flow effortlessly.

The entire wedding day took place at The Landmark Hotel in North London. As expected it was an immensely fun, welcoming, often touching and memorable day. I'm regularly commissioned as a London wedding photographer and have worked at The Landmark Hotel many times now but it never ceases to amaze me. It’s just such a stunning building in terms of architecture and scale - the impressive restaurant and giant palm trees for instance!

These two know how to party, as do their friends and family, the best men speech was nothing short of inspired and the dancing was... well, I’ll let the images do the talking there!

Absolutely loved every minute of photographing this wedding, below are my very favourites from the day.

Finally, I got to work with the ever so talented wedding videographer Minty Slippers. If you’re looking for a documentary style wedding video, I urge you to check him out.